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What Now?

It seemed to start so well, Brown gave Cameron and Clegg a first shot and they all looked so magisterial and statesman-like and serious. It all seemed hopeful. It should have been straight forward. We, the people, recognised the national predicament and that what is needed is an emergency government to sort the credit crunch […]

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Saatchi Versus Saatchi

Here we go again, if only the Tories had listened to us 2 years ago. We gave them our brilliant ideas for posters addressing actual issues that people care about and we were told go away we have enough good ideas teams and anyway posters are old hat we get our message across via the […]

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Political Wet-Blankets

It seems Michael Gove for the Tories has been reading our book! Following our suggestion he thinks it would be a good idea to introduce a longer school day and even Saturday school as happens routinely in the independent sector. However, education authorities and “the powers that be” have poured scorn on this idea already. […]

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