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Healthy Eating… Or Not

If you go to page 124 of our book you will see some examples of the government’s record on healthy eating. New Labour has headed up supposedly marvellous new indicatives so that better food is served in hospitals. Although it has graduate-educated dieticians in all hospitals in the country, these dieticians were not sufficiently clever […]

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How To Start Up Your Own School… Ho!

Michael Gove, who I sometimes have a lot of time for because he works hard and is really trying, says we should start up our own schools. As if this is some magnanimous gesture by government and not a complete cop-out and abrogation of civic responsibility. For a start how would a nurse, with two […]

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Political Wet-Blankets

It seems Michael Gove for the Tories has been reading our book! Following our suggestion he thinks it would be a good idea to introduce a longer school day and even Saturday school as happens routinely in the independent sector. However, education authorities and “the powers that be” have poured scorn on this idea already. […]

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