“Everyone should read this excellent book. I cannot recommend it too highly. You must not be silenced.”
Guy Hardy (sheep-farmer, East Sussex; inventor of St.Giles, the worlds 5th best cheese)

“A very good book”
Barry Lelliott (Sussex businessman)

“…am enjoying your book immensely. The bit about the banks on the high street particularly struck a chord and I also liked the definitions of twitter”
Sally Drinkwater (city lawyer)

“I’ve just read the opening pages and I’m really looking forward to the rest of it. It’s very funny so far!”
Sara Gourlay (classical singer)

“I must say your book is very good”
Elisa Segrave (writer)

“Hilarious… but also VERY CLEVER”
Clare Betts (magazine editor)

“It’s BRILLIANT… and so up to the minute”
Judy Callaghan (textile designer)

“I am recommending it to everyone I meet”
Melanie Wilkinson (award-winning entrepreneur)

What Are They Doing In There? book cover
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