Writing a book and getting it published seems the least of it these days. Selling is the difficult thing. We were very disappointed that The Parliamentary Bookshop took our book off its shelves but we have discovered that democracy and free speech is carefully controlled around Westminster Village. When our book came out Shirley Williams […]

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British Telecom

This is not strictly a political matter but we suggest creation of a cabinet post to deal with privatised industries that remain virtual monopolies, cheat the customer and offer the world’s worse customer service. In fact I am pretty sure that had Cameron done some of his plain speaking and said he was personally going […]

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The New Government

We have been watching and waiting to see how things are shaping up. During the days following the election there was a frenetic air in Westminster, the men dashing in and out brokering deals, they might as well have been throwing spears at each other it was so tribal. Thankfully Gordon Brown, (one of the […]

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Open Letter To Jon Snow

NO, it is not enough for you to wear a skirt!! Dear Jon In response to your piece on “The missing women” last night……NO it is not enough for you to wear a skirt!! The media were as much to blame in the “keeping women out” election campaign. The election coverage at Westminster was chalked […]

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Women… There Weren’t Any

This was a man’s election. Chalked out by men, talked up by men, executed by men. Women tried to have a voice but they were ignored. Hugely, massively, ignored. Even The Fawcett Society made no impact…..it tried, it wrote to The Times and so on, (although they didn’t reply to us, we are not “experts” […]

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What Now?

It seemed to start so well, Brown gave Cameron and Clegg a first shot and they all looked so magisterial and statesman-like and serious. It all seemed hopeful. It should have been straight forward. We, the people, recognised the national predicament and that what is needed is an emergency government to sort the credit crunch […]

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A Bloody Nose

So there you have it, the country moved as one and on May 6th gave all the political parties a bloody nose. The intention was clear, (clearer than all that blue-sky thinking), the “change” it actually wanted was no one-person and no one-party to have too much power. We saw all this coming; the hung […]

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New Ways With Rhubarb

Now our book has been banned in The Parliamentary Bookshop, SW1 is, thankfully to all concerned, a women’s opinion-free zone. We thought Margaret Thatcher had done away with restricted practises and the closed shop twenty five years ago but it seems she overlooked what was happening to women on her own doorstep. Quartet Books, famous […]

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After The Party

And after the party was the debate, not such fun of course…..and it was our launch that shut the airports whatever people say. It was interesting the debate. Very interesting. The fact that Nick Clegg did so well was not just because he spoke so well, it was because we all wanted him to shine… […]

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Our London Book Launch

We had the most fabulous party. People came from far and wide to wish us well and help our book on its way. It was held at Daunt Books in the Fulham Road, (an Independent bookshop being a very fitting venue for a book produced by an Independent publisher… Quartet). On the dot of 6.30pm […]

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