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This is not strictly a political matter but we suggest creation of a cabinet post to deal with privatised industries that remain virtual monopolies, cheat the customer and offer the world’s worse customer service.

In fact I am pretty sure that had Cameron done some of his plain speaking and said he was personally going to get to grips with BT (for example,) however dodgy and undemocratic it might be, he would have had a landslide victory; he wouldn’t have been beetling in and out of back offices brokering deals and wondering what he was going to say to the Queen about forming a government; (he wasn’t completely sure how he was going to do, except that the buck had suddenly stopped with him) even as he was driving into Buckingham Palace.

Back to BT. We had a bad storm here about a week ago. A thunderbolt hit the house, the electrics tripped and all the phones went dead and also the internet.

I ring BT who reassures me in its auto-speak way that my line is working perfectly normally and that if I want to avoid the exorbitant cost of this call, (BT charge for complaining time) I can do it by ringing another more complicated number or on-line. Getting nowhere with the more complicated number and unable to do this on-line as my lines are not working I ask my ex-husband to do this from his base in Singapore, (I bear the cost of this unnecessary call and BT benefits some more). He gets no joy from the internet so repeatedly rings BT to tell them what is what. Following this dialogue they text and leave messages on my mobile to tell me that my line is working perfectly and my problem is nothing to do with them.

Then after my ex bellows down the phone at them, (presumably to someone in a third country, although it could be Singapore where he lives, as BT’s people through no fault of their own have Chinese accents), I receive a text from them to inform me that there is general trouble in the area which is what I know already and is actually what I told them in the first place.

Over the next few days I see BT men all about; down the road, up poles, just about everywhere but at my house. Eventually a man appears at five to eight one morning. I am still in my pyjamas and caught on the hop. I tell him the problem: two phone lines need mending. He says he has only got instructions to mend one and that he can’t look at the other, (even though they come from the same socket) without a job number. He asks where the phones run. I show him the control box in the cellar. He leaves all the lights on and all the doors open and wants a cup of coffee. He asks where the wires go next. I say “How would I know? You are the expert”, and try to put the ball firmly back in his court. He says he thinks the trouble is that I have left one of the phones off the hook. I say “I don’t think it is as simple as that”. He looks fussed and harried and I can see needs to be handled with extreme care.

He finds the problem but says it is nothing to do with BT and caused by my own equipment. “That phone’s no good” he says triumphantly. I resign myself to getting a new phone……but in fact it doesn’t seem to be quite as simple as that he has to fix something, taking wires apart and twiddling them and testing things, and it takes an age, so not totally my equipment then?

Anyway after he has departed I get a phone call from BT to explain that the two feet of cable from outside the house into the conservatory where the fault occurred is unaccountably my problem, and I will be charged £150 for their unnecessary visit.

The telephone on the extension in my office which was working before the man arrived now doesn’t and I still have no internet as although supplied by BT this is another department.

This company needs sorting by a duo with extreme resilience……come back Balls and Brown.

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