What Now?

It seemed to start so well, Brown gave Cameron and Clegg a first shot and they all looked so magisterial and statesman-like and serious. It all seemed hopeful.

It should have been straight forward. We, the people, recognised the national predicament and that what is needed is an emergency government to sort the credit crunch because until that nothing.

Surely partisanship and different viewpoints can be put “on hold” for a couple of years until things looked better?

So far so good. Cameron and Clegg being reasonable people, if left to their own devices could no doubt put a package together without difficulty. But we all know that the back room boys are kicking up. Although unable to plan for any national emergency like the aftermath of war MPs and advisers are suddenly all-seeing and far sighted when it comes to the demise of their own careers.

Those stuffed shirts that had been “preparing for government” are now left apoplectic and floundering. There is much shadow minister reasonableness on TV but in their great offices the opposite is happening. There is gnashing of teeth, stamping of feet and cold fury.

Also, the hippies at Glastonbury didn’t vote out the Tories to get them in again and are well, “very unhappy”.

So the usual stasis, and fear prevails but neither Clegg nor Cameron dare show it. Only George Osborne looks human, and anxious.

We’d like to advise these famous men to go into retreat away from the throng, as recommended in our book, but if the recent past applies, (and this goes back to Trollopian days as we have quietly observed), if they as much as move one millimetre out of line and dare go off-piste, (even though surely this is what Chequers is for?) their desks will be emptied and they’ll be out on the street.

And with a few pot-smokers in his lap, (legalise cannabis and we’ll support you), and a promise for a Referendum on P.R. that he’ll never keep, and improvements in education that will never materialise, Brown will still be there, sitting like a large toad, with poor Sarah still bleakly tweeting beside him.

Which is an example of what happens when good men do nothing and the politics of self-interest prevail.

Cameron and Clegg, Clegg and Cameron… YOU MUST NOT FAIL.

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