Saatchi Versus Saatchi

Here we go again, if only the Tories had listened to us 2 years ago. We gave them our brilliant ideas for posters addressing actual issues that people care about and we were told go away we have enough good ideas teams and anyway posters are old hat we get our message across via the internet. (And we pay focus groups and pollsters thousands of pounds to tell us what the people want, and at that money they can’t be wrong).

Yes we said but there is over-load on the internet and you can’t beat a good poster on a big hoarding and here we have a selection of great posters dealing with the issues that concern real people, (should they be called customers?) at a fraction of the price that you would pay the supposed big boys.

Anyway as it turned out the message wasn’t getting across via the internet so their guys, (yup…..the same big boys) at mammoth cost produced a mood poster of David Cameron which was immediately panned and made him look very stupid into the bargain. (Where were the thousand pounds a day advisers now?)

Then New Labour in the same daft spirit brings on the Saatchis to produce a retro poster of DC which also massively backfires and is re-jigged by the opposition for their own ends. Of course it’s all good fun boys and part of the thrust and parry of politics the winning of this little game….. but still it’s neck and neck, (nobody is showing any sign of winning), it is just one own goal after another and we are no further forward knowing what any party stands for or is actually going to do for the country should they be unlucky enough to gain or regain power.

So next the Conservative Party brings in… (it’s an emergency now, just 3 weeks to go) …the other lot of Saatchis, (the “Labour isn’t Working” lot) at enormous expense to try to create a non-mood poster which talks about issues and points out what the other side has done wrong and why maybe we shouldn’t vote for them again.

Which is exactly what we offered them for a couple of hundred quid 2 years ago……

Will they ever learn?

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