After The Party

And after the party was the debate, not such fun of course…..and it was our launch that shut the airports whatever people say.

It was interesting the debate. Very interesting. The fact that Nick Clegg did so well was not just because he spoke so well, it was because we all wanted him to shine… the population was wishing and hoping… in fact willing him on.

Everybody is hoping against hope for politicians to stop behaving as if it is all a big game and nothing matters more than winning. As we have said in What Are They Doing In There? we want consensus and co-operation for a change; the country is plain fed up of Punch & Judy/push and shove. (And Clegg’s wife Miriam has not trailed around after him like Samantha Cameron or twittered till she’s blue in the face like Sarah Brown. It is all so satisfactory).

Strangely, (well not strangely…..we get to the essence of the thing) the book we quote from profusely is The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope. This book describes the formation of an emergency coalition government. So also very interesting.

In fact it seems what the people really want, (and perhaps we are wiser than anyone gives us credit for, perhaps the education system hasn’t entirely failed after all, or perhaps it is just native wit), is to select a government from all parties as if it were Fantasy Football. Nobody trusts anyone with too much power. Like muck we want it evenly spread. Vince Cable for Chancellor of course, and perhaps now Nick Clegg for P.M. Who’d have thought it? Would Frank Field, Caroline Lucas, Julia Goldsworthy, Iain Duncan Smith, William Hague and Charles Hendry please also step up to the plate.

Actually we have been a bit mean to Nick Clegg. In What Are They Doing In There? there is a priceless photograph of him talking to a sleeping audience. Sorry Nick, we couldn’t resist it.

The weekend newspapers have tapped into the fact that, like our book, he has the advantage of appealing to the young. And like us he has suddenly come in under the radar.

This is what my daughter’s friend from Cranbrook, Millie Booth-Clibborn, (an A Level Politics student) wrote to her in a text;

HA HA, I’m really enjoying the book, parts of it are absolutely hilarious…..I’ve literally been laughing out loud. Please tell Jules I think it’s brilliant!!

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