Looking back on April, 2010

New Ways With Rhubarb

Now our book has been banned in The Parliamentary Bookshop, SW1 is, thankfully to all concerned, a women’s opinion-free zone. We thought Margaret Thatcher had done away with restricted practises and the closed shop twenty five years ago but it seems she overlooked what was happening to women on her own doorstep. Quartet Books, famous […]

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After The Party

And after the party was the debate, not such fun of course…..and it was our launch that shut the airports whatever people say. It was interesting the debate. Very interesting. The fact that Nick Clegg did so well was not just because he spoke so well, it was because we all wanted him to shine… […]

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Our London Book Launch

We had the most fabulous party. People came from far and wide to wish us well and help our book on its way. It was held at Daunt Books in the Fulham Road, (an Independent bookshop being a very fitting venue for a book produced by an Independent publisher… Quartet). On the dot of 6.30pm […]

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Triumphant Book Launch

The Chairman of Quartet Books, Naim Attallah, wrote on his blog today that the launch of Quartet’s highly topical book What Are They Doing In There was a triumph. He went on to say that; The resulting sceptical public response to political claims and assertions more than supports the case the book makes: that Parliament […]

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New book goes inside Whitehall

Having their creative ideas rejected by politicians did not deter two East Sussex women from their ambition to “do something for their country”. Julia Jeffries and Hazel Johnson this week released a book they say answers the questions everyone has in the run-up to the general election. They had seven months to research and put […]

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Healthy Eating… Or Not

If you go to page 124 of our book you will see some examples of the government’s record on healthy eating. New Labour has headed up supposedly marvellous new indicatives so that better food is served in hospitals. Although it has graduate-educated dieticians in all hospitals in the country, these dieticians were not sufficiently clever […]

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Saatchi Versus Saatchi

Here we go again, if only the Tories had listened to us 2 years ago. We gave them our brilliant ideas for posters addressing actual issues that people care about and we were told go away we have enough good ideas teams and anyway posters are old hat we get our message across via the […]

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How To Start Up Your Own School… Ho!

Michael Gove, who I sometimes have a lot of time for because he works hard and is really trying, says we should start up our own schools. As if this is some magnanimous gesture by government and not a complete cop-out and abrogation of civic responsibility. For a start how would a nurse, with two […]

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Tony Blair Is Wheeled Out Again

Tony Blair has been wheeled out again. And he has been reading our book too! (See page 27). He says “change” is a vacuous political expression. Obviously he doesn’t want change right now, (although are any of us convinced he is really on Gordon’s side?) even though he bandied “change” about a lot when he […]

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